Kaana or FairCoop

Which one is better, more ethical and offers more features?

Easy to Navigate

Easy to navigate, find what you need easily and if not you will always have someone from the Kaana team to answer any questions you may have.

Find help easily

In Kaana Help you will find the information you are looking for, and if you don't find it, we will be happy to help you from our team.

Use FairCoin everywhere

Kaana facilitates the use of FairCoin, from its applications such as Kaana Pay you can make payments both online and in local stores and with Kaana Shopping you can buy products online.

Kaana will always be there

Kaana will always act as an intermediary between you and the local stores, so no misunderstandings or problems will occur.

A lower but affordable price

Kaana proposes a price decided collaboratively from the platform of 0.50 cents, a low price but which allows us to give back change.

Difficult to Navigate

There are too many FairCoop web pages, you can hardly find what you want because there are so many pages that you don't know which one to check.

A group of people will help you

Several people from various groups will be happy to help you, although you will have to be the one to confirm the information they tell you, because being unstructured people they will not always know what to say.

Be lucky and look for places where is accepted

With FairCoop it is always like throwing darts, maybe you arrive at a store and they will tell you that for a few days they will not accept FairCoin because FairCoop puts a lot of obstacles to the stores to change the FairCoins to other currencies.

A high price, you pay high

FairCoop proposes a price of 1.20 which does not offer a return exchange, this means that you can buy it at 1.20 but then you will have to sell it for 0.10 cents. In addition, this price is decided by assembly and many times has consequences.

Not convinced?

Just do a little internet research and you’ll find out.